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Brandi Britain

Reservationist and Salon Coordinator.

She is also our make-up Designer and Artist. Brandi studied Fashion at the Art Institute of Atlanta and is currently attending Georgia State University where she is majoring in Journalism. She has extensive knowledge in the industry and her love for this has taken her to Europe and Paris twice.Her style is unique and she was chosen by Don Shaw as the newest print model for the DASS salons. Some of Brandis accomplishments include styling the entire Betsey Johnson line at Fashionada 2008 in Atlanta, and styling the Sex and the City premier party with Designer Decomposure. In addition to being an asset to the team she is also a crucial part of bringing the latest styles to Image Salons closet. Brandis exceptional high salon maintenance keeps us on track in our busy times. She has been with Image Salon since 2007.
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