Image Salon

Leigh Britain

Leigh is the owner of Image Salon and Spa.

She studied commercial art and design through Andrew College.  After graduation, she went into law and enjoyed 20 years of para-legal work. While enjoying law, she began studying marketing trends and techniques and began to miss the artistic side she loved all her life.  In 1991, she went back to her roots and opened Image Salon.  During the 18 years in business, she has brought the salon from a 3 stylist to a 10 station salon. In 1992, she decided to apprentice and become a creative stylist. After a year, she decided this was not what she wanted; she loves the marketing and overall running of the salon and that is where she wanted to be and is. In 2000, the Day Spa was added and Image Salon and Spa was born. Leigh has expanded the Salon three times, and has even bigger plans ahead. She runs the desk, inventory and coordinates the entire salon and spa. She is always brimming with fresh ideas and her attention to detail ensures everything runs smoothly. She is very passionate about her business but keeps it lighthearted.She lives by her philosophy Live, Laugh and Love.
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