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Take in the aromatic scents of lavender, eucalyptus and ylang; ylang, as the senses, mind and body are lulled into a peaceful state. Enjoy rich European treatments in private treatment rooms, designed to help you achieve a healthy mind and body. All our treatments are refreshing and result-driven.

Our team of Licensed and Certified Estheticians and Massage Therapists offer a wide range of services and will guide and educate each client on a selection of treatments best suited for his or her individual needs and desires.



Customized treatment for your particular type of skin.
Using a gentle yet powerful exfoliating enzyme mask gives the skin a smooth, healthy appearance.
Includes detoxifying steam, gentle cleansing, extractions in the T-zone and custom treatment masks for your skin type.
Hydrates, softens the skin and leaves you looking radiant
One of our product experts will assist you in selecting an at-home skin care regimen.
Includes relaxing and hydrating hands, neck and shoulders massage


Therapeutic deep cleansing treatment, stimulating and clarifying clay mask, blackhead extractions, concluded with an oil free moisturizer
Removes excess oil and unclogs pores
Diminishes breakouts and regulates oil accumulation
Includes hands, neck and shoulders massage


Great for reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and generally firming
Clarifies and fades discolorations, revealing a luminous, brighter and more even skin tone
Gently exfoliates with collagen, with its tissue repair properties helps restore collagen and elastin. Passionfruit is an enzyme, as well as a great antioxidant to give the skin a healthy glow.
Includes Triple Vitamin C and Crystal Collagen mask


Leaves the skin looking radiant, with less visible lines
Increases blood flow, promoting healing post surgery, laser or peel
Anti-bacterial properties result in a reduction of acne breakouts
Intense treatment with a powerful boost of oxygen directly into the skin


Gentle exfoliation,, stimulates circulation
Tightens lax skin
Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
Leaves skin smooth and refreshed


Rejuvenates sun damaged skin
Eases age spots
Improves the look of lines and wrinkles
Helps make-up look smoother
Gives acne treatments an advantage
Improves acne scars
Shrinks pores
$75.00 alone
$105.00 with a medi-facial


Helps exfoliate skin with broken capilariesd
Offers better results than traditional micrdermabrasion
Improves the look of lines and wrinkles
Temporarily removes fine downy hair with ease
Gives acne treatments an advantage
Makes skin smoother and brtighter
$45.00 alone
$120.00 with a medi-facial


Rids dull dry skin by increasing oxygen content in your skin
Restores elasticity in skin which increases the potency of skin cells to reproduce and multiply
Eases skin muscle and tissue that go stiff with age
Triggers the production of collagen anhd fresh skin cells
Tightens the skin cells for fewer wrinkles
Destroys harmful toxins resulting in clean skin, acne-free and a fairer complexion
$45.00 alone
$120.00 with a medi-facial


Superfruits, raspberry and acai berry - organic substances that sustain life, work with enzymes in and on your skin and dramatically revitalizes your skin and returns a youthful glow and feel to your face, neck or anywhere you want to improve texture or appearance.


Perfectly groomed eyebrows create a clean, definitive frame for your face, take years off your appearance and make a dramatic difference in your overall expression.

Brow Design/Shape - $20.00
Brow Touch up - $13.00
Lip or Chin - $11.00
Full Leg (both) - $70.00
Half Leg (Both) - $40.00
Bikini/Stomach - $30.00
Brazilian - $75.00 +
Underarms - $25.00

Lash Tint - $25.00
Brow Tint - $25.00


In an age of increasing health consciousness, caring for the body has become as important as caring for the face. For this reason, we have created the following body treatments. Specific body treatments include a private shower. During all treatments, your body will be fully draped. Only the specific area being treated will be exposed. Massage and spa treatments are detoxifying. Please assist your body in this process by drinking plenty of pure water after your treatment.

Sea Salt Glow- Naturally dried mineral sea salts provide intense exfoliation, leaving healthy, glowing skin. Warm lotion is applied next to replenish skin - $65.00

Hydrating Body Polish- A gentle exfoliation using a blend of finely crushed walnuts and healing extracts. Following a shower, a warm lotion is applied to rehydrate skin - $65.00

Massage relaxes muscles, improves joint mobility, increases circulation, improves immune system, and alleviates tension, stress, aches and pains.
Massage therapy is most beneficial when performed at regular intervals.

Full Body Massage- 1 Hour $70.00 or 1 &1/2 Hours - $100.00

Target Massage- targets only specific muscles - 1/2 hour $40.00

Reflexology- Healing massage technique using pressure points on the feet promoting relaxation and healing throughout the body - 1 Hour $40.00

Pregnancy Massage - Ease the discomforts of pregnancy while promoting well-being for Mother and Baby - 1 Hour - $80.00

Warm Stone Therapy- Ancient healing treatment using warm Basalt stones to balance and ground senses 1 & 1/2 Hours - $115.00

Massage/Facial Combo- Our two signature treatments, European Facial and Full Body Massage - $130.00
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